photographed by Lauren Steimle at Matine Studio

Photo by Rachel Lyn Photography

Photo by Rachel Lyn Photography

Photo by Lauren Steimle

Photo by Lauren Steimle

Ready to get started?! Follow along this photo story for a step by step of how to install your KZ wallpaper!

FIRST: Gather the supplies

1. A tub of water (you can use your bath tub! or a shallow storage tub that's at least 25" inches wide)

2. A towel or drop cloth to catch dripping water on the floor

3. A sponge or soft rag

4. An exacto knife or box cutter with new blades for trimming

5. A ruler and surface you can cut on (a big piece of card board works or a self healing cutting board)

6. A ladder or sturdy chair to reach high up places

PREP: Lay a drop cloth to catch dripping water. Clean the surface of any dust. Take off any light plug covers or door knobs! This way you don't have to make perfect cuts around them.

MEASURING AND CUTTING: Measure twice, cut once. I like to make certain cuts before I put the panel up. Some can me made after you get the paper up. You have about 15 minutes after the paper is wetted to make adjustments. Don't stress!

WETTING: Submerge panel into water to activate the adhesive. 

Fold each end onto itself and set aside while you set up your ladder (or chair). Do not let it dry before applying to surface. 

Artboard 1-100.jpg

APPLICATION: Unfold top half of folded paper, leave lower half as is. Align the top edge to the ceiling.

Once positioned, smooth outward with a damp sponge. Unfold bottom half when ready. Any bubbles you can't smooth will dissipate on their own as paper dries. BE GENTLE with the smoothing so as not to squeegie out the glue from underneath. You need that!

REPEAT: Line up your next sheet. NOTE: The wallpaper is printed with a 3/4 inch overlap. This overlap is to aid in matching the repeat pattern. HANG from LEFT TO RIGHT. If you are an experienced wallpaper hanger feel free to trim for butted up edges. 

Trim excess paper at the bottom once the paper is dry. Allow at least 3 hours for drying.

If you have outlets or weird shapes to cut around don't worry! The paper is pretty tough, even when wet. So be sure you have a sharp exacto or box cutter for trimming edges and cutting out holes for outlets.

*Be sure to cut outlet openings just big enough for the necessary parts to show through. This way you can get those covers and door knobs back on. Don't worry about making a super clean cut because it won't show anyway! 

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I made this quick and quirky stop motion the other day. I've been carrying around these little paper legs in my bag since  I cut them out last December! I suppose I was waiting for an idea to strike and I'd just stop in my tracks and make it come to life. I was pretty delirious when I was cutting these little legs out, having made over 30 paper portraits for holiday I just needed a break to create a little something for myself, ya know? Since I wanted them to have polish I used the tip of a pin to apply different colors of actual nail polish to each toe...I know it's crazy BUT WORTH IT. Right? I love making unique, funny things and knew those little legs and toes would turn into a moving picture eventually. So I hope you enjoy my short short short film Synchronized Swimmers (aka Legs Akimbo).


I am searching high and low for Winter/Spring interns! If you live in the DC area and are interested in the job please send your resume to info@katezarembacompany(dot)com with the subject: I WANT TO BE YOUR INTERN. Please include a picture or self portrait and any special skills you might have like break dancing, magic tricks, sewing, or inward singing. 

Please apply for a specific internship role and include this at the top of your email to me!



Looking forward to hearing from all of your!



We are closed until January 1st for the holiday!!!!!

Please feel free to place orders but know that any order placed between 12/23 - 12/31 will not be shipping until the 2nd of January.

Please send a note to info@katezarembacomapany (dot) com with questions!


Gettin' Handsy at Smithsonian's American Museum of Art

I wanted to share images from the installation I recently installed at the opening party for Irving Penn's Beyond Beauty exhibition here in DC. I was inspired by Mr. Penn's unique use of hands in many of his iconic photographs. The hands often look as though they belong to someone other than the subject being photographed and thus my installation of over 500 paper hands was born. You know what 500 hands means right? 2,500 paper fingernails!!!!!!!!!! It was a crazy undertaking but I couldn't be prouder of the result. I hope you enjoy the photo's and hopefully these hands will appear again in the future! Thank you to Morgan Hunterford West and Bright Young Things for commissioning me to make something! xo


It's been awhile since I've written anything, but here I am! I've been busy with new projects and new drawings AND I am about to move into a really special studio and workshop space with two very special people. We are calling it The Lemon Bowl. You can read more about it here.

Starting in November I'll be leading workshops there! You'll notice there is now a workshop tab on the website where you can peruse classes and reserve your space.

I look forward to meeting you!!!!!!!!!!!!