My Funny Valentine

So this year I got my "things" together and made a few special cards for the day of the year where we love and hug and give big candy hearts. My favorites are the "You are a real gem." flat cards that come in sets of 4 for $8. Seal it with a snazzy sticker and you've got one gorgeous little Valentine.

You Are A Real Gem. Card 

You Are A Real Gem. Card 

You are a real gem. cards // Kate Zaremba Company

Next there is the hilarious "You belong here. On a pedestal" card. I love this guy! I came up with this illustration over a year ago around Father's Day but wasn't sure if it was really THAT funny. I've decided that I would definitely like to get this in the mail or find it waiting for me on my desk from my Valentine, so voila! You can order these guys in sets of 4 for $8 bucks too.

You belong here. card // Kate Zaremba Company

Last but not least the "Little Kisses" cards are beautifully printed on cotton card stock. These babes are blank on the back so you can send to your sweetie any time of year or use as Thank You notes. The color is so vibrant these lips literally jump off of the paper. It might be a small card but it's definitely got a big pop! Stock up because these come in sets of 4 for only $6 dollars.

Little Kisses. Cards // Kate Zaremba Company

Hand written notes are one of the best things in the world. Whether they are hung on the wall later, stuck to your fridge, or put safely in a box to rediscover, I try to make cards you'll want to send and keep! Happy Valentine's Day. xx