photographed by Lauren Steimle at Matine Studio

Photo by Rachel Lyn Photography

Photo by Rachel Lyn Photography

Photo by Lauren Steimle

Photo by Lauren Steimle

Ready to get started?! Follow along this photo story for a step by step of how to install your KZ wallpaper!

FIRST: Gather the supplies

1. A tub of water (you can use your bath tub! or a shallow storage tub that's at least 25" inches wide)

2. A towel or drop cloth to catch dripping water on the floor

3. A sponge or soft rag

4. An exacto knife or box cutter with new blades for trimming

5. A ruler and surface you can cut on (a big piece of card board works or a self healing cutting board)

6. A ladder or sturdy chair to reach high up places

PREP: Lay a drop cloth to catch dripping water. Clean the surface of any dust. Take off any light plug covers or door knobs! This way you don't have to make perfect cuts around them.

MEASURING AND CUTTING: Measure twice, cut once. I like to make certain cuts before I put the panel up. Some can me made after you get the paper up. You have about 15 minutes after the paper is wetted to make adjustments. Don't stress!

WETTING: Submerge panel into water to activate the adhesive. 

Fold each end onto itself and set aside while you set up your ladder (or chair). Do not let it dry before applying to surface. 

Artboard 1-100.jpg

APPLICATION: Unfold top half of folded paper, leave lower half as is. Align the top edge to the ceiling.

Once positioned, smooth outward with a damp sponge. Unfold bottom half when ready. Any bubbles you can't smooth will dissipate on their own as paper dries. BE GENTLE with the smoothing so as not to squeegie out the glue from underneath. You need that!

REPEAT: Line up your next sheet. NOTE: The wallpaper is printed with a 3/4 inch overlap. This overlap is to aid in matching the repeat pattern. HANG from LEFT TO RIGHT. If you are an experienced wallpaper hanger feel free to trim for butted up edges. 

Trim excess paper at the bottom once the paper is dry. Allow at least 3 hours for drying.

If you have outlets or weird shapes to cut around don't worry! The paper is pretty tough, even when wet. So be sure you have a sharp exacto or box cutter for trimming edges and cutting out holes for outlets.

*Be sure to cut outlet openings just big enough for the necessary parts to show through. This way you can get those covers and door knobs back on. Don't worry about making a super clean cut because it won't show anyway! 

Got more questions? Check out our FAQ here.