Ok so the amazingly talented and beautiful craft goddess Brittany Jepsen of The House that Lars Built and I held this super fun contest last week where people had to instagram inspiration pics for a new gift wrap design. I finally finished the artwork and drumroll please...dun dun dunnnnn! Our winner is Hannah Salazar AKA @HannahShawnee. Her beautiful photo of pine branches was just too good to not use for a new pattern. Hannah will receive a custom roll of gift wrap as the winner of the #giftwrapinspirationcontest...2013! We might just have to make this an annual tradition. Thanks to everyone who played, it was so lovely to see what inspired your ideal wrapping papers.

Design by Kathryn Zaremba 2013.

Collections + Inventories

I was procrastinating today and decided to compile all the mustard things I could find in my house. I am a bit of an inventory fanatic. On Pinterest I have an entire board dedicated to collections of things including rock crystals, tools, blue things, yellow things, packing lists, you name it. By nature we are hunters and gatherers, we go out into the world to collect things so we can bring them back to our nest. NOTE:  this is also how hoarders are born.

 Pinterest is an interesting collection database in this way. No need for mountains of magazines or collage books of torn pages. Every image ever taken is probably on-line and now YOU can categorize and save right where you want it. I wonder, does it keep us from bringing actual things home? Or does it facilitate easier hunting? I find the action of "pinning" gives me a sense of ownership, as though having this photographic image on my board is equal to experiencing what it represents. In a small way it can satisfy those little nagging urges to go shopping or take a trip. 

 There is certainly a therapy found in sorting and placing. Why do people clean or re-organize their tool shed when they are aggravated or want to be alone?

So how about you try it out?! Post your collections here, on Instagram, or on twitter with #mycollection @kathrynzaremba so I can see them! My favorite collections will get some free KZCo. goodies.

KZ xxx



Whimsical Wallpapers

I am working on custom projects everyday that come in through the etsy shop. Wallpaper has become super popular over the past few months. People are using this not only for walls but to cover old refrigerators, lining cupboards, or even the bottom of dresser drawers. These are fun ways to add colorful, whimsical accents to your space without the expense. KZCo. wallpaper can be ordered in various lengths (6ft, 8ft, or 12ft are most common). I can take your space measurements to customize the order and print the exact amount you need for your project!  


One of my favorite things is to create custom wallpaper. When I started the shop in April (2013) my hope was that the shop would inspire YOU to want to make something with me. Collaborating is important to me. A lot of my time is spent alone, drawing for hours and hours, listening to BBC radio , NPR, and tons of music. I find the ideas and projects that come in from people I've never met tend to have the most beautiful and meaningful result. Pinstripe Floral print was created for a customer not long ago. It has become my favorite pattern! I had yet to venture into florals before this - a mix of structure and sophistication, that subtle curve, and a lovely blue line this pattern has quickly become my latest obsession. Samples and swatches of all wallpapers are available.

All removable wallpaper/shelf liner is:

- PVC-free paper, durable and eco-friendly

- Self-adhesive: soak in water and apply

- Adheres to refrigerator surfaces too!

- Fully removable: perfect for apartments and rentals

 If you haven't checked out the shop please have a look! I would love your feedback. If you want to make something just send me a custom request! KZ