Q: How is your wallpaper installed?

A: I've created an illustrated set of directions that you can see here


Q: Can your wallpaper be installed in bathrooms where there is a lot of moisture?

A: Like any space with wallpaper there needs to be proper ventilation. You can absolutely install this wallpaper in a bathroom, just make sure it's not continually getting wet! If you are NOT a renter you can use Wallpaper Border Paste on the edges to make triple sure it doesn't peel up. It runs around $6 at Home Depot, Lowes, or Ace Hardware. 


Q: Can your wallpaper be installed on shelves?

A: Yes! You just want to make sure the shelves have a porous quality. Our wallpaper is not peel and stick like a sticker. Instead it has a light weight adhesive on the back that is activated when wetted with H2O. 


Q: Can your wallpaper be installed on wood panelling? On brick? On a fence? On mirrors? On my random floating wall made of super weird material?

A: None of these surfaces sound ideal but hey, who am I to stop you from giving it try? I recommend ordering a sample to test it out. You can find 8"X10" samples in every wallpaper listing.


Q: Can your wallpaper be removed and applied again?

A: No. It's just like regular wallpaper. Once it's taken down it can be recycled but not reused.


Q: Help! I have a weird wall! How much should I order?

A: Every panel is just over two feet wide (exactly 24 and 3/4" inches). The is so you can overlap the panels and match up the pattern perfectly. The best way to go about calculating how much wallpaper you need is to measure the height and width of walls (or the surface areas you want to cover). You can determine the length of your roll, by the height of your wall. The width of a roll is always two feet wide. For example, a wall that is eight feet height by six feet wide requires three rolls that are eight feet long. (For KZ wall coverings in the UK and Europe panels can be custom printed up to 4 feet wide).


Q: I'm a renter! Is your wallpaper safe enough for me to remove when I move out of my apt? 

A: YES!!! The wallpaper has a lightweight non-toxic adhesive on the back. Once you are ready to move out you can peel the entire panel off the wall and use a wet rag to wipe down any residue.


Q: Can I get _____ pattern in a custom color?

A: For custom color inquiries please email at info@katezarembacompany.com ~ There is a $100 USD fee.


Q: Can I custom order a specific length?

A: We offer 3 ft, 4 ft, 6 ft, 8ft, 10ft, and 12ft rolls. (Please contact us for orders in the UK and Europe).


Q: Do you still do custom paper portraits or illustrations?

A: For custom inquiries please email at info@katezarembacompany.com


Q: Where can I get a sample?

A: There is a sample size option in every wallpaper listing.


Q: Do you do wholesale?

A: We don't offer wholesale at the moment. Interior Design & Architecture firms may contact info@katezarembacompany.com for trade inquiries.


Q: How long is your shipping process? Can I expedite shipping?

A: Every wallpaper order is custom printed so ship time varies depending on the quantity of your order. We try to print and ship within one to two weeks. Please contact us with your shipping address and date needed and we will let you know your options for expediting.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes. If you are ordering wallpaper from the UK or Europe please contact info@katezarembacompany.com with questions.