Composite Mauve & Peach Wallpaper

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Composite Mauve & Peach Wallpaper

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Easy to remove and easy to apply, our wallpaper is ideal for DIY projects and rental flats. Apply to walls or even use as shelf liner, our removable wallpaper is a great way to cheer up a room, a hidden nook, or a drab bathroom. This material is not peel and stick, it's more like an old fashioned stamp! The paper is wetted first so that the adhesive gets activated on the back. Place the paper on the wall, smooth with a sponge, and voila! All wallpaper currently has a 1-2 week turn around time and will last up to 20 years if installed properly and will still peel off easily when you are ready to remove.

The scale of this design is 12" X 12" inches. It is smaller than it's counter part pattern Shape Theory. The background is a taupe-beige color, the shape color is peach.


- Removable wallpaper

- PVC-free paper, durable and eco-friendly

- Self-adhesive: soak in water and apply

- Fully removable: perfect for apartments and rentals


$5 SAMPLE SHEET 8" X 10"

$25 POSTER SIZE 24" X 36"

$36 / 2ft X 4ft

$45 / 2ft X 5ft

$54 / 2ft X 6ft

$63 / 2ft X 7ft

$72 / 2ft X 8ft

$81 / 2ft X 9ft

$90 / 2ft X 10ft

$99 / 2ft X 11ft

$108 / 2ft X 12ft

*Want this in custom colors? EMAIL US at info@katezarembacompany (dot) com with the subject: CUSTOM COLORS COMPOSITE SHAPES along with images of your color choices. Please note there is a $75 customization fee.

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