Flora Fawcett Wallpaper


Flora Fawcett Wallpaper

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Flora Fawcett wallpaper is one of my very favorites. A variation of my "Muse" series, these patterns were inspired by the paper cut outs of Matisse. This soft and subtle pattern and color way is an artful and easy addition to any space. Easy to apply and easy to remove, this wallpaper is just like an old fashioned stamp. Activate the low impact adhesive backing by wetting each roll with water. Place onto the wall and smooth with a sponge. Detailed instructions come in every order, you can also find them here!

First photo credited to @llaayyeerrss of @hystericspodcast on instagram!

Second photo credited to the lovely Hannah Garvin

The scale of this repeat is 24" X 24" inches. The background color is a soft peachy pink and the shapes are white.


- Removable wallpaper

- PVC-free paper, durable and eco-friendly

- Self-adhesive: soak in water and apply

- Fully removable: perfect for apartments and rentals


$5 SAMPLE SHEET 8" X 10"

$25 POSTER SIZE 24" X 36"

$36 / 2ft X 4ft

$45 / 2ft X 5ft

$54 / 2ft X 6ft

$63 / 2ft X 7ft

$72 / 2ft X 8ft

$81 / 2ft X 9ft

$90 / 2ft X 10ft

$99 / 2ft X 11ft

$108 / 2ft X 12ft

*Want this in custom colors? EMAIL US at info@katezarembacompany (dot) com with the subject: CUSTOM COLORS FLORA along with images of your color choices. Please note there is a $75 customization fee.

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